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Challenge #134 - Beamz

Beamz......lovely, but so, so geometric. I definitely deal better with curves.

I couldn't really think of anything particularly clever, or original, so just switched up the line direction/sizes of the boxes and came up with this:

Any lines that ran through a box I omitted making it hard to see where the design originated (somewhere up near the top left). I don't love it, but I like it better than I thought I would.

My other version barely has any resemblance to the original pattern, and was likely influenced by LeeAnn's wonderful organic design which I saw on facebook before I got around to checking out the challenge this week. Basically, I turned all corners into curves and made daisies from the loops.
We had a fabulous week of unseasonably warm weather and have now dropped right back into reality with the usual cold early spring days - the wood heater is in action again. I did get all the seeds started and in their little greenhouses on the verandah. I am excitedly rubbing my hands together anticipating all the fabulous summer produce we will grow this year!