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um......I forgot.......

Back to school today after a 2 week mid-term break - it went so quick! Still there is only 4 weeks left of term after today, so I can't complain too much. Though, I probably will!

Very excited to see an email with a link to my Ripples pattern on Tangle Patterns this morning. Linda does an amazing job. When I became aware of "tangles" around a year and half ago, I was so thrilled to stumble on Linda's site - I think I spent close to a week drawing out every pattern and visiting all the links. I could see so much potential in using the patterns and amalgamating the concept with my own drawing style, it totally kick-started my drawing gene which, honestly, for quite a few years had been pretty much kicking back, almost comatose, sipping a cocktail by the poolside.

And, something I meant to post yesterday and forgot.......a bit of exciting news that I stumbled upon via Genevieve Crabe, (owner of Tangle Harmony - another fabulous site which keeps even me, with my somewhat tenuous hold on the constant barrage of patterns, up to date with all the news/patterns, etc going on in the tangle world). Anyway, Genevieve posted a link to a preview of The Beauty of Zentangle a new book from Design Originals featuring a stack of very talented Zentangle artists, and me too!

I was thrilled to see one of my pieces requested for the book is featured in the preview. I cannot wait to see the final copy. Happy Day :)

Have a great day!