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Reading a book when this one popped in my head. Of course, they always morph a bit as I begin drawing them, my initial idea had leaves stitched along the edges rather than the thread flowing through the whole design.
Just a bit of patterning - not sure about the choice of flueri as I think the other more organic patterns look better and this is kind of the odd one out. Anyway, it's done now so I'm stuck with it.

Going from one drawing to the next right now, which is nice after a few weeks of not drawing all that much.


  1. This gave me some ideas for my next piece, Thank You

  2. it is elegant and beautiful as always.

  3. It's beautiful. It seems the leaves are dancing ;-)

  4. Helen, Wonderful drawing of leaves they seem so free.

  5. I love your restraint - most of the leaves are half -patterned. Elegant!

  6. I admire your work so very much. I am just a beginner, but pretty old!! I wish you were around and the internet was around when I was younger. I want to thank you for sharing with all of us who love your work. Big hugs!!


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