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daisies and lambs

Our neighbour has an empty paddock where she kept 3 sheep. Over the past few years two have died, and the remaining one really did not like being, about a year ago when it saw our cows grazing in the paddock next to her, she joined the herd. She comes when we call the cows, shares their hay and runs behind when they are being herded into another paddock - she's an old dear, so the running occasionally involves a bit of pushing (by us) for her to keep up.

So, back to that empty paddock - as our neighbour didn't want the responsibility of looking after more sheep herself, and conveniently we wanted a few sheep to breed for the freezer (and to have cute lambs), over the weekend John picked up some Dorper sheep (they shed their wool so we don't have to shear them). We got a nursing mum and her lamb (a boy - he'll end up in the freezer when he's old enough) and an older lamb (a girl - future breeder). They came from an area with little grass, so poor mum looks a little rough, but she'll improve on the better grass. This paddock must seem like nirvana to them.

I drew this daisy quickly yesterday and could not decide whether to colour or shade it, so I did both.

What's your preference? Me? I like the greyscale/shading.

And, you know what? Spring is coming! This week is meant to have highs of 18C-21C all week and quite a bit of sunshine. Oh, yeah! My garden is coming alive - it won't be long until the irises give up their fabulous show. In the meantime I guess I just have to satisfy myself with daffodils and the poppy anemones. Maybe the garden explosion has been the inspiration for my sudden drawing surge!


  1. Like you, I like the grey scale best! Here in Bellingham, WA we are getting ready for Indian Summer and the beginning of Fall, saying good bye to all the flowers until next Spring. I love getting to know you through your drawings and writing!
    Maureen Scott

  2. Wonderful Helen your blog has put a little warmth into my very cold heart. I love the story of the lamb and sheeps. Now your daisy drawing I'm so glad you coloured it too. I love it both colour ways. You have got me so motivated at the moment that I want to make it into a applique centred for something. It will have to wait until next week for me to tackle as my budget is a little tight this week. I will keep you informed.

  3. Hello Helen, I like the one with shading caused it showed different tones while the coloured one it brings the picture alive. Grayscale for me has flat looks. Anyway like the cute sheep photos and interesting story.
    Have a nice day ahead :)

  4. Oh the little lambies are so cute!! I would come steal the little boy to save him from the freezer if you weren't an ocean away on the other side of the world! LOL! The daisy is beautiful--love the colored version, myself =0) Happy Spring! Looking forward to fall here!

  5. i have to say i enjoy both the shaded and the color and i'm glad you showed us both. I love the vibrant colors you use and the way you make the drawing pop.

  6. your daisy is beautiful in both versions, but I prefer the colored one, I love colors ;-)

  7. They all look great to me. I love the sweet little lamb too.

  8. I love each differently... like my 3 kids. All loved. All different. Thanks for showing us the photo which is obviously the inspiration for the colouring! Beautiful.

  9. Just love your work. I look around and I always come back to you. I keep on looking for your work. You are so very very talented. I am just starting, but am pretty old. If only we had the internet when I was younger!! All I can say is "thank you, thank you!!"


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