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Challenge #131 - Dex

The diva challenge this week was to use Dex as a monotangle.

I really love the 3-d look of Dex and have used it in a few of my intensely patterned pieces, but as a stand-alone - that was hard to think of anything that really excited me.

Ultimately, I came up with this, and I'm o.k. with it, but don't love it - my shading's a bit slap-dash but I didn't want to waste any more time on it. I do like that in one spot I can see through 3 layers of windows :)

Ever have those weeks where nothing that you draw really satisfies you? Unfortunately, I do, and they're probably the weeks I should just put the pencils down and back away from the desk............. this week has been one of those.

Tried this idea - pretty cool, but........yeah, I was bored after about 10 lines. Here's my mini version - you can see I didn't make it all that far. Reminds me of the desert.

I think there's probably a little more to it looking at some of the finished artworks. Interesting, but, not the style of drawing for me.


  1. I can see ladders to step up ^_^, I like it!

  2. I think your Dex monotangle is great.
    One thing I know about those weeks that nothings goes how you want it.
    Your talent is always there somewhere, and will always come back.

  3. Wonderful job! Loved the layering and the linearity of the picture! Something like the Eiffel Tower :)
    And the line drawing has turned out beautifully, really, desert landscape.

  4. I agree with Mariet. The mind sometimes just stop producing good ideas but once it come back again, you just want to continue doing and doesn't feels tired or want to stop. :)

  5. Helen! This is fabulous! Maybe my favorite thing you've done...and that's sayin' somethin'! YOU are the Dex Diva.

  6. yes i now the felling...dont we all?
    but dont worry I will come back ...go by the flowe

  7. Great those Dex Ladders. And the point where you make 3 layers is great. Well done.

  8. Beautiful Dex! For me it's a symbol of the public transport chaos in Melbourne.
    I love your second piece. To me it looks soothing - I must try it. Yes, like the desert; also looks like water.

  9. I like your Dex banners. I also like the effect you achieved with the see through "windows". You always have a unique perspective on the challenges.

  10. I love the way Dex is so free and floating.

  11. I love your style! This is fabulous and I love the way you've stretched and woven and overlapped dex! Sort of like toppled Eiffel Towers.

  12. I spent all week with Dex, every time I tangled, but I couldn't make it my own, now this is more like I was hoping for! You are always an inspiration! the way....Dex will probably always be Dex for me...which is really nice, but for you it is a masterpiece!


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