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For this picture, I used the same design framework as my previous drawing "pods" but have replaced the oval pods with tulips - as they fill out much the same shape. The design retains its balance, but has a different feel. I took a bit more time with the perspective on this one and am happier with the end result.

Love tulips. Though they're too fussy for me to grow here - our winters are not cold enough to keep them in the ground and I can't be bothered digging them up year after year!

Hope your weekend is fabulous!


  1. Beautiful tulips. Is this pencils work or do you make it with photoshop or something? I like the shapes. Looks like they are dancing and flowing:)

    1. Hi Niina :) Thank you. This has been drawn freehand with pencil, then inked in with a micron pen. I've then shaded with grey tria markers.

  2. Beautiful work, as ever, Helen. I love the flourish in the basic design and your interpretation of the tulips themselves. I love all your pod pictures.

  3. Thank you for sharing these beautiful with all of us. I just love all your drawing. Thank you!!


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