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routine interrupted..........

Back to school, back to work, one of my kids moved back home (and, yes, another redistribution of the stuff in my craft room - henceforth to be known as ben's

One thing I did manage to get done last week was some sketching for a project. Here's a couple of my favourites - they're just outlines with no detail work:
Ha......just noticed my spelling of leaf on this one - ah, well, I can't be bothered opening photoshop to edit it - it will just have to stay as leavf!
Love poppy pods. LOVE. THEM.
We have been having stunning, mild Winter weather though it is meant to get colder as the week goes on. I did my order for Spring/Summer seeds yesterday - can't wait to get planting them in just one more month! I love this time of year - the anticipation of Spring - the bulbs are pushing up in the garden, my house is full of Jonquils - the daffodils are beginning to flower. Wonderful!