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The school, so great. Too bad I've only got one more week to go. I've managed to make lots of cheese, draw a little, watch the entire cycle 8 of Britain and Ireland's next top model, take photos of coffee, the farm, the animals and catch up on a bit of extra sleep. So good!

Once upon a time.....I used to paint.........a lot, back in the dark ages. A few weeks ago I pulled out my paints again intending to do something with them, and, you know what? It was just sooooooo messy. Add that to having to go up and down stairs for clean up and I just couldn't really be bothered. Back into the cupboard they went.

So, when I sketched out a daisy/gerbera-ish flower the other day I was tempted to go for watercolour or maybe acrylics and actually paint it but fear of the mess factor overcame me and I decided to play with my markers to see if I could create similar effects to those I used to get with acrylics or oils.

I'm happy enough with how it turned out though I have some issues with the centre of the flower. Unlike painting, if I'm unhappy with something I can't just paint over it and restart the blending - once you've put the colour down with a marker - particularly strong colours like red, or *gasp* black - there's not a lot you can do to correct it. The biggest problem I have with using markers is controlling the "juiciness" of them. I find that going back over my line work once I'm done with the colouring helps out a lot to rein in the leakage.

To get this result took a lot of colours and for those who are interested - tria colours used:  (flower head) Y747, Y657, R766, R765, R465, R354, R934, O225, XB (stem) Y524, Y323, G178. And lots of blending. So, so much blending.

Working on my coffee photo sketch now (yeah, that's going to make a lot more sense in my next post, or if you follow my facebook page).