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The half-way point

Not a lot of drawing happening around here, though, I AM right at the middle of term! Once I get through todays classes I can start counting down to the June/July break - I'm really looking forward to the 3 weeks off, though I can barely comprehend that we are almost half way through 2013. Wasn't it just Christmas?

A quick, simple bit of spirally cone love that popped into my head last night - I did remember to shade this one before patterning:
Ah, and some (not so secret) obsession...... It's not complete yet - I did the outline for this one yesterday, hopefully I will have a chance to shade it tonight - it always amazes me the difference that shading makes to the drawing.
I'm almost to the end of another journal - it's time to take a look back through and see what needs to be finished off, or ideas worth resuscitating.