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the end of another journal - part 2

A bit more excavated from the journal:

After this I think (hope, please, please make it so!) that I have curly brackets out of my system.

Bracketed Pattern: This one forms bracket flower shapes in the negative space.

Two ways to draw this pattern..............

First, with a grid. I love me a grid. I like to make/use patterns that don't need pencil lines (that I have to later erase) to keep them on track. If a pattern needs some kind of structure, I want ones where the grid/guide lines form part of the finished design.
Second, freehand. I find some patterns very easy to get into the flow of without a grid. This one works like that for me - I just form the lines in a continuous flowing motion. I have to approach the structure of the pattern differently when working freehand so that the size of the boxes doesn't get all cattywampus. And, oh yeah - don't you just know I've been waiting for ages to find a way to slip that word into a sentence. Hope I used it right because: I. love. it.
Some fill ideas, and how it looks with streamlined, skinny brackets and all that lovely negative space just  left alone. The negative calls to me, you know?


  1. Helen, this is really nice, I love your art!

  2. thanks to you I learnt a new word : cattywampus. I don't exactly know how to translate it in French but I love it too ;-)

  3. Hello Helen, loved reading about your quiky animal names and that you are now drawing in front of a open log fire. Seeing your gums leaves really inspired me to pulling out my pencil and I started mirroring your gum leaves and swirls. Wow I haven't done that in a while I actually did ohay. Feeling quite blue at the moment. Struggling with old demons and they keep bubbling up. Living alone makes life really hard. I often tend to go on sorry. Will send you a copy of my drawing if your interested. I am still thinking of doing a wall hanging of one of your drawings. I think your work is amazing. Thanks for blogging. Julie

    1. Hi Julie, thank you! I'm glad you had some fun with the gum leaves. I'm sorry to hear you are not feeling the best - hopefully things are on the improve already. Would love to see your drawing :) hx


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