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the end of another journal - part 2

A bit more excavated from the journal:

After this I think (hope, please, please make it so!) that I have curly brackets out of my system.

Bracketed Pattern: This one forms bracket flower shapes in the negative space.

Two ways to draw this pattern..............

First, with a grid. I love me a grid. I like to make/use patterns that don't need pencil lines (that I have to later erase) to keep them on track. If a pattern needs some kind of structure, I want ones where the grid/guide lines form part of the finished design.
Second, freehand. I find some patterns very easy to get into the flow of without a grid. This one works like that for me - I just form the lines in a continuous flowing motion. I have to approach the structure of the pattern differently when working freehand so that the size of the boxes doesn't get all cattywampus. And, oh yeah - don't you just know I've been waiting for ages to find a way to slip that word into a sentence. Hope I used it right because: I. love. it.
Some fill ideas, and how it looks with streamlined, skinny brackets and all that lovely negative space just  left alone. The negative calls to me, you know?