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leaves and scrolls

John is driving back from....??.....wherever......... (I do know he is at least 2 hours away and will not make it back in time for our afternoon coffee)........with our new Jersey cow (we are planning to milk our girls on a 6 month rotation so that we always have our own milk, cream, etc, etc.). I think I'll call this one Daisy. I've always, always wanted a cow called Daisy........or Buttercup.....or really any name that is not Jersey. Maybe I'll go totally left field and name it Clog. LOL. We once had a dog called Gumboot. I loved the name and, I'll tell you what, no one ever forgot it. I loved him, too.

My main girl ended up with "Jersey" by default - all our other cows are beef - Herefords - and when she ran with main herd we just got in the habit of calling her "the Jersey" to identify her. Well, I guess she doesn't care - when I call out "Jersey" she knows who I'm talking to and still comes running for her treats :)

Today I finally finished shading the outlined piece from my last post:
This orientation, though different from my previous post, is how it appears in my journal - I think the design/highlighting is a little more dynamic with this placement, also. I always prefer my highlighting to come from the upper left. Because, you know, I'm slightly (read: totally) compulsive.

I shaded with my cool grey markers. Usually I do these type of designs with my neutral or warm grey and, after working on this one I can confirm I prefer the warmer tones. Ah well. Live=learn.

Am thinking of doing this over June/July. Sounds like fun but I just don't know if I'll make the time for it. Though, Winter is usually a lot easier for me to do creative stuff.......and......I have moved my basic drawing gear back down to the main living area (cold weather/wood heater on 24/7...need I say more), which usually makes it easy for me to draw as I don't have to go to all the effort of actually walking up the stairs. LOL.

Hope you're having a great weekend.