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Gum leaves

It was a chilly one in Hoddles Creek this morning. The first frost of the year!

So, today I wanted to do a bit of drawing. This required some serious multi-tasking. I managed to squeeze it in between making chilli jam, sweet chilli sauce (bumper chilli crop this year from our super-hot extended summer) and gouda cheese. Drawing on a Monday...........a rare thrill!

I had no idea what I was going to draw - just started with a circle and it grew from there. I began with some gum leaves around the circle, then added some scrolls - I felt compelled to flow some of the scrolls out on the right side breaking away from the circle. I thought it was then complete, but after leaving it for a while - probably to stir curds or something - I came back and knew I had to add a bit more on the left side as well. Ahhh. Balanced.

Here's the finished result:

I also went back and forth about adding some colour to maybe just a few leaves - I may still do it, but the simplicity and clean lines of basic black/white/grey designs strongly appeal to me.

It's going to be perfect Autumn weather here over the next week (cold mornings/sunny days), so I have big plans for getting the potager and flower garden ready for winter as well as planting all my spring bulbs.

Hope your week is fabulous, too :)