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Friday Freedom!

Friday.......during school term my FAVORITE weekday - no school, no gym, no after school pickup! So, even when I'm busy, this is usually the day I can squeeze in a little bit of drawing.

School term started last week for me so in between that, milking the cow and the other stuff I have on the go at the moment (baby cheeses; sourdough starter, cider ferment and ginger beer) that all require feeding and/or maintenance - I hadn't been up to my little studio in a week. When I did make it up there today I found a drawing that I started last week and then promptly forgot. I had just done some basic outlines of the flowers, so it was fun to finish that off and not have to think about starting something new.

I posted some progression photos on my facebook page as I was drawing today if you want to see how the drawing evolved.

Here's the finished pic - I like it except for the little flower right near the middle. It has bugged me from the start but there wasn't any way to disguise it, so stay it does.

A busy weekend ahead, but hopefully will slot some drawing time in there......somewhere. Have a great one :)