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symphony in blue and green.......and yellow

My school holidays officially end tomorrow. I am back at school on Tuesday and I still have to work out menus for the term. Urrrgh! I have had a super-busy, but really, really wonderful break - the timing was perfect for our summer garden produce so I've been doing lots of preserving. I've also been experimenting with some more involved cheese-making and finally built up to making a hard cheese yesterday - my first cheddar is curing on the bench. Too bad I don't get to taste it for a couple of months.

I saw this amazing quilled portrait on Pinterest yesterday. I particularly loved the scroll-y smoke streams, the little teardrop shapes, the circles, the EVERYTHING! Here's the drawing it inspired:

I went mostly freeform and just kept building from the middle. I didn't worry about my colouring too much (don't look too close!), if I went out of the line, I just drew another line and filled it with a different colour to camouflage. Probably why some of the scrolls grew so big! Really fun to use some blue in this one - it is not my go-to colour and I did lean towards the green end of the spectrum. Touches of yellow in here also along with my fave lime green.


  1. This is BEAUTIFUL....Love the color combinations and all those swirls....

  2. Love love love this! Very inspiring. I want to give it a try.

  3. I know you are crazy about your lime green (and I like it also), but this one is just wonderful - I LOVE the colours - summer and water and coral.
    Thank you for sharing with us.
    Tine from Denmark

  4. this is beautiful! and as always i love your colors - you have such lively, fun work :)

  5. Helen you have played the blues in a symphony of swirls!! Groovy!

  6. Thanks, everyone! It was a fun one and I'd like to do more along these lines :)

  7. Lovley! I can see a bird in these swirls.


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