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paisley mooka

Daylight savings ended today, so now begins the slow, inexorable slide into winter. I hate winter....the cold, the mud, the constant cycle of bringing in wood for the heater. Urrgh! But, I do love the food - lots of slow cooked meals and puddings. Oh, yeah!

Paisley Mooka: This one has been in the works for a few days. When I do a heap of paisley together like this I find it's always a struggle to think of something different to put on each one. The shading was a hassle - it was done after I completed the drawing and is a bit inconsistent as a result. Next time I would shade the outline first before filling with pattern. Pretty sure I have told myself that before........but I forgot.....again!

Hope you're having a fabulous weekend!


  1. Beautiful. I love paisleys too but am always challenged on the filler. These remind me of sterling silver spoon patterns. Lovely work!

  2. Your work is always so beautiful and this is no exception. I love your paisley bouquet!!

  3. I love your work! Perhaps you could use the dreaded winter as an opportunity to share your talents in book form. Your tutorial drawings are lovely. Thank you. KK

    1. Thank you. I definitely get more time to draw in winter - I hate the cold and spend the least amount of time outside that I can!


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