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Challenge #114 - Stars

This weeks diva challenge was to draw inspiration from star shapes. Even though I don't draw stars a lot, I had fun with this one.

So, here's the background story. Occasionally......ah....sometimes......o.k., o.k........a lot of the time I get locked into an idea and I can't just leave it alone. I don't know why I'm drawn to it or what the end result will be. This week I could not move past the idea of a connected 5 pronged star pattern. This was what I was doing or nothin'. And, ya know what I found out? 5 sided things are not so easy to work with so there was some frustrated hair-pulling along the way.

Here's the end result:

Can you see the stars? I actually loved the negative pattern created and chose to highlight that. I loved the way it varied from 3 to 4 petal flowers seemingly randomly - maybe if I drew a bigger sample I could see some consistency in how this happened.

I've been playing with a fun curly bracket pattern and will (hopefully) have a step out for it put together in the next day or so.