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some more curly bracket lovin'

You know I love curly brackets, right? Check out my post here if you missed the first one.

Here's a couple more simple curly bracket patterns. First, Drack:

And, Batch: It's like a double version of Fleese. I love patterns where the grid becomes part of the design - gives me lines to work with and a sense of control (sort of). I've shown an example without the crosshatch lines which looks very much like the pattern above :)

Hope you find them useful!


  1. These are lovely, Helen! I've always loved curly brackets, and they make great tangles.

    Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog, and glad you like my first tangle, Y-Ful Power. Hope you try it and let us see what you do with it!

    You've got some great zentangles on your blog. Brilliant stuff!


    1. Thanks, Shoshi :) I'll definitely be trying it out!

  2. This is lovely, Helen. I can't wait to try it! Thank you.

  3. Ooh, you should take a look at Neil Burley's site: He loves brackets too.

  4. Hello Helen,
    Oh my helen, I cannot adequately express my feelings I get from your wonderful "zentangle art works". Please forgive me and my inadequate attempt. However, here I go!

    I believe your work is absolutely stunning, beautiful, jaw droppingly inspiring. I am a zentangler too but sadly lack your intensity, skills and quality. I can actually see a garden in your works and you must have a great love for nature and flowers. I have just taken a brief look at your gallery and have seen many possibly wonderful quilt tops and as you will have guessed I am very interested in making one of your works into a quilt if possible. I would be interested in hearing from you to see what you think! There are so many possibilities. For now I have just signed up to follow you for the time being.

    I live in Adelaide and have been learning how to make quilts as well as learning how to do free motion quilting with the view to use some of my zentangle designs in my quilts in the future. I am greatly inspired by you Helen and look forward to conversing with you in the near future. Julie

  5. Reply to Julie - I recently learned of a gal (Claire Rowley) up in Prescott, AZ, USA that makes 'free motion quilting' frames that are AWESOME - check out her website for the Octi-Hoops here:
    p.s. I also LOVE Helen's designs for tangling! (grin)
    Nancy Barnhart retired quilter, tangler, knot tyer, chain maker, et al. (love making stuff)

  6. Love the step-outs. I was on Facebook watching the video on flowers and somehow ended up on this page. The flowers were beautiful and this pattern is very pretty also! Thank you for sharing.

    1. Well, I'm very glad you ended up here, Sharon :) You're welcome and thank you!! h


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