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Curly Bracket Love and Brax Pattern

Now, I love curly brackets. Flowing lines, curves, the possibility of long scrolly bits........ hold on a minute.............squeeeeeeee........

o.k., deep breath, I'm calm, I'm calm.

So, how did I go from this weeks diva challenge string to a full-on curly bracket love-fest? Well, basically it comes right down to avoidance.

I headed upstairs to my art room yesterday fully planning to tackle the challenge. Unfortunately, I find string based challenges a little......well.......challenging, so when I drew out the example I was easily distracted by possibilities offered by string first thought was that it would work as flower/s:

Which then prompted this.

Which led to pages and pages (well, about 5) of curly bracket play before I got it out of my system and was ready to tackle the challenge (you can see the results in my challenge #99 post).

Brax pattern: I played with a few different types of grids to try and find the best way of working with these shapes - here's the one I liked the best.

Brax Variations: Lots of fill possibilities, this is just a few along with examples of how you could approach this with either an offset dot grid, or an x grid.

My favourite patterns are flexible - I want them to be able to curve, stretch, etc. Brax worked with this experiment. I also played with my grid being long rectangles instead of squares (I haven't got a pic of this), and really liked the results of having one set of "petals" short/fat the others long/thin.

Fleese: a super simple one - reminded me of flying geese. Curly bracket starts at one side corner of diamond, tip touches top, then back down to other corner. I think it would look good with line fill in open area, but haven't had a chance to play with it.

I have a couple of other bracket-y patterns I'm playing with so will see what comes of them.

Have a fantastic weekend!



  1. Helen, your drawings and tangles are always so delicate! I just love them!. Thank you! Jakki

  2. Really looking forward to playing with these tangles Helen. I am sure there is some spare time after Christmas, its all hectic here at the moment with pre-Christmas meals and visitors coming and going!!!

  3. Lovely curly and simple patterns Helen.

  4. Oh I laughed - I know that avoidance bit..........I also had ideas of flowers with those loops not too dissimilar but since I had to get on with something more urgent I didn't dare start to fiddle - still there's a little drawing by my computer from a few days ago...........with some looped flowers & butterflies - not even a drawing..... just some loops (er flower ideas) on a piece of paper!
    Now I'd better get on with that urgent bit............ & stop looking at tangles.....
    Paula (PEP)

    1. Yes, Paula! So easy to get distracted - especially when I'm not too excited about getting something done (like housework!)

  5. Thanks, everyone. Hope that you get some use out of these.

  6. Very pretty!! Love it!

  7. Love the pattern, looks like a lot of fun, thanks for sharing. It's easy to procrastinate, when it comes to housework, let's see shall I tangle or shall I clean, ummmmmmmmmmm tangling would win, hands down.

  8. Gorgeous, Helen. Love all the possibilities of variation with this one. It's so delicate - like lace. It really lends itself to a more freeform initial grid, too. Thanks for a brilliant pattern! I'm certainly going to try this one!

  9. How generous you are in sharing! Thank you!

  10. Ksenija VojisavljevicJanuary 24, 2013 at 3:13 PM


  11. Thanks for sharing these elegant new tangles!

  12. Beautiful Helen, the shading really brings it to life - tfs :)

  13. I love these tangles, Helen. Thank you for sharing them!

  14. these are very pretty, and I could see myself doing Brax! Im going to show my ignorance here, but! what do you do with it!

  15. Hiya! May we use your beautiful curly brackets on our choir letterheads please?

    1. Hi! You can read about my terms of use here: - please email me if you need any further info. Thanks, Helen :)


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