Pattern: Heartstrings

We went to the dentist today - I have been seeing the same guy for almost 40 years - even when we lived in Singapore, I would book my appointments during our visits back home - no idea what I'll do when he retires! Well, today I went in sure that I was going to be up for a 2nd root canal and it turned out to be just a cracked tooth. Not real happy about that either, but so, so much better than what I was expecting.

Day 2 pattern - Heartstrings. It's pretty much Olb (which I sooooo wish I had thought of a better name for, but, whatev, it's done and time to move on).

This one has heart shaped outlines. I really like how the negative space fills out.

I've drawn complete hearts in the sample, but have also drawn the pattern by working a row of "half hearts"in a continuous line, then repeating on the next row to complete the heart shapes. Whatever works best for you.

Updated: You can find the VIDEO and some pattern variations for Heartstrings in this post.

Here's a look in my journal where I've been playing with pattern ideas I've been scratching out onto random bits of paper over the past few weeks.