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Monday Moleskine 9

Here I am, up all bright and early to post my MM for the week - well, o.k., it's almost midday, but I have been up since 6.30am - that counts, right?

It's the half way point of my holidays - and though I've gotten a few things done, I just haven't been as productive as I would have like (the heat hasn't helped) so - the next three weeks - watch out!

Last week I spent a lot of time re-organising my craft room- a few things lead to this:

- I inherited all of my mum's embroidery, materials, beads, etc, etc that she can no longer use, this needed to be incorporated into my own supplies of similar stuff (I now realise, between us we have a LOT).
- I had all my 2011, 2012 and start of 2013 photos printed, which I'll be organising Project Life style using my own stash as I still have a lot left over from my scrapbooking years.
- I want to document 2013 more thoroughly in photos/journals, keeping up to date with printing out my pics so I can document the stories whilst the memories are still fresh.
- I want to keep track of our veg. garden plantings/harvesting, etc, etc in a journal
- better organisation for all my pens, markers, art journals, paints, inks, etc.

So, all of this lead to a complete overhaul of how everything was organised, 2 garbage bags of stuff thrown out and, finally, a room where I can see heaps of floor space again, and know where to lay my hands on something when I need it. The real challenge will be keeping it that way!

Now, I feel free and ready to creatively tackle 2013.

Here's today's Monday Moleskine - very diva dance influenced :)