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Facebook Page and New pattern - olb

I have tried to clean up/colour co-ordinate some of my blog buttons - follow pinterest has changed to the green/white "P" button, and I have added a new one for Facebook!! I've started a page for alittlelime and would love it if you wanted to check it out!

As I was tidying my desk I found a few scratched out patterns that I am making an effort to turn into step-by-steps this week - I will try to upload one each day (I think there's about 4), please don't hurt me if I don't manage to make it happen :)

This one reminds me of onion bulbs, and in my usual knack for originality, I have called it olb (onion bulb) LOL. Naming patterns..........not my special skill. I tend to lean toward the obvious.

This one uses the same framework as leaflet (and a few other patterns out there) love it as a base for flowing designs. Then, simple lines drawn in to fill it out. Works best if all the lines are continued to the centre/join at the top/bottom of each "bulb" - this also gives a shaded effect. Really simple, but I love it and know that I'll use it a lot.
Easy to randomise, too.

Challenge day tomorrow..........!!


  1. This looks like it could be a lot fun!

  2. Thanks for this one Helen. I love your work tremendously and try to put your patterns ASAP on my FB group Zentangle Enthusiasts. Which I most welcome you to come join. Best to your day.

    1. Hi marguerite, Thanks! I tried to find your facebook group to have a look, but didn't have any luck with a search :)

    2. ❤️Hope you are feeling beter! Love OLB!!!

  3. Another great one girl! I like it looking like bunzo the best!!!

  4. Thanks, I'm looking forward to having more of a play myself - I just seem to be distracted by too many other things this week :)


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