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crocus, stacks and trumpets

I've been so excited to have people joining me on my facebook page - I love that it's a little more informal, and instant! Before it was just a way for me to message my kids. lol.

Bush fire season in Victoria. I love summer, but the fires that always seem to accompany it, especially when we live in a rural area with a lot of native forest........ah.......not so much. There's been a huge fire going for the last 10 days at Alpine National Park - it has so far burnt out around 70,000 hectares - fortunately the weather has cooled down the past 2 days which has helped out a lot. There's some pretty amazing images on google if you're interested.

John volunteers with our local CFA (country fire authority) and last Thursday I had to drop him off  at the depot to be bused out to the site for a nightshift with his crew. So, there I was, on my way home, when a couple of ideas to draw popped into my head, I wasn't even thinking about drawing, or, really........anything...... and there they were. Funny how that happens. Alien abduction? Osmosis? Housework avoidance?

Anyway, I love that feeling of inspiration, so, I came home and excitedly drew away into the night.

Crocus: love these flowers - I don't grow them in my garden, though (it's already stuffed full of bulbs)
It sees you: it really does. So, um, the stripe. Yeah. I was going to stripe it all, but after putting the first one in I didn't like the idea, now there's just that one insolent stripe left to mock me eternally. *sigh*. I also don't love the angle/size of the trumpet, but I ran out of space on my page and I just had to have a trumpet there no matter what, so this is the result. Sometimes I have no idea where a picture is going till I'm done, this is one of those..........kinda looks like it's been crawling along and stopped to look at something with that odd "neck" angle. creepy.
Here's how I'm drawing these "stacks"- it's really just an expansion on the play I did during the Phicops challenge I wanted a way to form the sections more organically - i.e. without a pencil outline and not based on either a tube, cone, or whatever shape to start with, so started to form them segment by segment, i.e. "stacking them".


An example with rounded edges - they remind me of teacups without handles :)