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Challenge #102 - Duo Tangle Auraknot/Bunzo

Thanks so much for the fantastic comments/feedback on last weeks challenge - I really appreciate it :)

This weeks Diva Challenge - a duo tangle using only Auraknot and Bunzo - both tangles that I had fun playing with in past challenges, but had no plans on revisiting again anytime soon. I loved the auraknot challenge, and drew pages and pages of them (you can see 3 of them in my gallery from about half way down - they're not positioned together) but, I had kind of done it by then, and drawing all those parallel skinny lines.....which are so, so not my forte...........just about did my head in!

So, what to do first? Should I bang my head on the desk, chanting "no, no, no, it's too hard" over and over again? Seriously, come on, I only spent the first 20 minutes or so doing that then, after giving myself a couple of slaps and a stern talking to I got on with it.

I finally got some ideas together - most of which ended up being a little.........well........left of centre, I suppose. Here they are:

Auraknot/Bunzo Flower: Bunzo all contained and under control in the flower cente and some nice, loose flower petals just a little bit auraknot-ed.

Auraknot/Bunzo String:  the challenge link up might seem a little more obscure here, but here's my rationale - I drew out just the outside line for a bunzo stack, then added a skinny inside line, I then extended some of these strings into other sections to create my base from which I added lines as I would when drawing auraknot. Does that makes sense? This one is shaded with pencil.

This one's a little more straightforward, though I didn't fill in the alternate lines of bunzo. I spent quite a bit of time photographing sunflowers this morning, I think they inspired this one :)