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Challenge #101 - Phicops

The heat is still intense here in Melbourne, 39C here today - we should be getting a break tonight/tomorrow morning. We really need it, as everything is drying off so fast! I'm just exhausted and have very little motivation to do anything after about 10am.

Anyway, onto the first diva challenge for the year and a new tangle pattern to play with - fun :) I was up early this morning when it was still cool enough to get some drawing done.

As soon as I saw Phicops I thought of leaves - so went with that idea for my first design:

Next, I played with using s-shapes at random lengths out from a centre point to create, sort of, a flower:

Here's my first experiment with the random line length idea:
Of course, I went off on a tangent, too - I love this flick back shading technique and I started experimenting using tube and cone shapes, changing the direction of joining lines, etc - and though it was random experimentation, some of the results remind me of other patterns like planateen and chainging.

I received the 2013 Tangle Guide in my email this morning (thanks, Linda) - love it! A great reference and so much fun to look through.

Now, I'm heading off to lie on my bed in front of a fan and not move at all except to turn the pages of my book!