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bunzo weaver

It feels like ages since I've posted a random drawing. Here's a couple I did this weekend.

Bunzo weaver: in the most recent diva challenge, which was to use bunzo and auraknot together, I really loved the way Margaret Bremner extended the tips of some of the bunzo into a "thread" on her zendala.

I wanted to have a play with this idea - here's the result - my bunzo "weaver". 

Collage: On Saturday I decided to play around with another layered design. This one uses a couple of the patterns that I posted last week - Olb & Drack . I love using "windows" in these type of designs and must have had the lovely Dawn's wonderful postcards in my mind as I echoed hers here.


  1. Wow--your Bunzo weaver is so cool!! And I love your collage! Want to play with Olb and Heartstrings this week...--fun!!

  2. I love the grace of your lines. Your collage is beautiful.

  3. Love bunzo weaver Helen! Black gold!!!

  4. Wow, love that first one, looks so SHINY! :)

  5. Your work continually amazes me - just gorgeous


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