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back in the saddle - Monday Moleskine 8

It has been so consistently hot over the past week - we've had temperatures up to 39C (102F) - looking forward to a bit of respite in a few days and hopefully (please, please) a bit of rain before it gets super-hot again! I might even get some drawing done - right now all I can do is lie on the couch on the verandah and maybe read. Oh, and water the garden......over and over and over again! It is taking a lot of work to help it survive against the onslaught of heat - I'm on an almost constant rotation with the sprinklers (we have a huge veggie garden as well as my flower garden - my poor hydrangeas are really not taking the temperature well).

Here's my first Monday Moleskine for the year:

I think the challenges start up again tomorrow...........exciting!