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Monday Moleskine 7

It is cherry season here in the Yarra Valley - that lovely, shiny 8 or so weeks that we can get fresh cherries from the farm gate. I start to get excited in October. The signs go up around late November and we usually buy 1-2kgs at a time and just gorge on them. So, so good. John bought home a 5kg box tonight, so I spent a couple of hours this evening pitting most of them to freeze. I love to make cherry apple pies when the apples are in season - lucky we live next door to an orchard!

This weeks Monday Moleskine - started off with a line across the page again then just went from there.

Looking forward to tomorrow's challenge!


  1. Clever idea and a beautiful result. I am a "cherry gorger" also. However, we get them in July and August. Have a mitt full for me!

  2. Yes cherries for Christmas! We buy them in the Adelaide Hills.
    Love your idea of drawing in your moleskine every Monday. This one looks like an Indian tattoo.

  3. Fresh cherries - my FAVOURITE summer fruit by a mile!!! You're really my kinda gal.
    Re your moleskine: love it love it! And there you are again trying to draw a feather type thing. Hehe ;)

  4. Thanks, ladies. I'm obviously not alone in my cherry love-fest!

  5. i think this one is my favorite. i like that center divider and the way everything flows from there. cherries? i guess i'll go back and read the post ;) i'm just checking out drawings right now. hahaha!


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