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challenge #99 - Looped Border String

I've got lots to share today, so in order to avoid this post dragging on and on........and on and on.............I'm going to split it into 2 posts one for the challenge and another about my love of curly brackets. I'm pretty sure the email feed only sends one post over 24 hour period, so if you're interested, here's the link to the other : Curly Bracket Love and Brax Pattern

So, this weeks Diva Challenge - Looped Border String  was a guest post by Margaret Bremner. If you've seen any of my string challenge posts, you'll probably realise they terrify me - I don't really deal all that well within the constraints of a border.

So, first I took the avoidance route and became fascinated by the shape possibilities of the string itself - this led me into a whole heap of experimentation with brackets and diverted me for hours before I finally settled down to tackling the challenge.

I decided to draw a string pretty much like the example given and filled it with Bunzo.
It turned out o.k., but it doesn't really speak to me (yes, my drawings talk to me.......isn't .........normal? It happens to everyone, right?)

So, I rethought my approach and decided that although I might not be able to work well within a border frame, I could definitely work with a loopy string, here are the results.

Pod Party:
Loopy String Scroll: a little harder to see the loops on this one. The cross over sections also dictated using black to block in so that there wasn't a line going through some of the curls, I really like the end result of the grey/white/black combo.
A rare post with not a flower in sight!


  1. I love the way your mind works! Each week I look forward to your post and I am never disappointed!

  2. Your bunzo is great but I think my favorite is the loopy string scroll. Nice interpretation of the challenge. Love your creativity.

  3. Great (as usual), I like the PodParty most.

  4. Amazing!!!
    Love all of your work!

  5. WOW - yet again fantastic Helen.

  6. I think I love reading your posts as much as I enjoy seeing your artwork--you crack me up! Haha! Absolutely love the loopy scroll and your new Brax pattern-fun! Hoping to get back to the world of zentangle and Diva challenges soon...battle of wills right now on top of holiday crush....Thanks for the eye candy and giggles this morning!

    1. Hey, Dawn :) Thanks! I wondered what you'd been up to - it's definitely a busy time of year, we're in full swing getting ready - I have 22 for Christmas dinner this year.

  7. Great post! Pod party is a favorite here!

  8. These are lovely and whimsical. Your Bunzo is great!

  9. I love all three but.... Yes the podparty a little bit better.
    Graet work!

  10. Thanks, everyone. It was an interesting challenge this week!

  11. Helen - your talent blows me away and I am sooo inspired! Love the Loopy String Scroll, that is one of my favorite patterns, and use it often. Don't ever stop!


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