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challenge #98 - Keenees

The Diva Challenge this week - keenees - love them, and let's face it - what's not to love? they're cute, they're cuddly, they're CIRCLES! I have well documented the fact that I LOVE CIRCLES - so fun and easy to work with! In fact, I think I'm going to add a circle label for my posts - I will have to go back through my other 71 (can you believe it?) posts and adjust, but, so's not like I have anything else to do with my time in the lead up to Christmas. lol. o.k., maybe the post adjustment will have to wait, but still..........circles......................squeeeeeeeeee!

I had lots of ideas for this one and I'm still going, but wanted to get my first ones posted:

Keenee Tree: Like everyone I have Christmas on my mind...........almost constantly right now - our guest list for Christmas day keeps growing......and growing! More work, but I'm sure, more fun, too :)
Experimentation: I wanted to play with using the basic keenee shape, but continue the circles so the design was merged. Love how it makes different types of flower shapes depending on which part is coloured. The large one was done with a template, when I attempted it freehand, the results were so awful I think I'm permanently scarred for life. It got exponentially more difficult and out of control the further out from the centre I went. The one below is about the best attempt.