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challenge #98 - Keenees - Part 2

What a week! Whatever made me think that making gingerbread structures (houses & star trees) with 4 grades between the ages of 8-12 would be a good idea? I still have 3 class sessions to go until the end of term (putting together/decorating the gingerbread). Then, I am done for the year! Ohh, yeah!

More Keenees for the challenge. Really loved these, because you can just pop them in anywhere you would use a circle. So easy.

Keenee Daisies: you have probably realised by now that I love threads, and curls and know........ looping them around things. This is my favourite one for this challenge. Bit more intense keenee usage on the tassle beads.

Keenee Tassel: I did this one before the daisies above, the whole tassel thing took hold and it is my current "thing" (well, for today, anyway!) I'm loving them. Not my normal colour range, here - I have all these gorgeous coloured markers and decided I really needed to break out and use some of the aqua/blue tones. Yep, that's me......a wild rebel.......breaking out the blue markers! Who knows where this might lead, maybe next week I'll use red! Could I really be that crazy?

Musical Keenees: When I did a google image search for musical notes (I was looking for a drawing of the treble clef - had to look up what that was called, too - yes I am a musical, I found the most wonderful loopy images, there are lots of them, so I couldn't resist using the idea/s as inspiration for this quick sketch.
Have a fantastic weekend! I am off to pick up a parcel which I am hoping is my christmas present of  5 marker storage bags plus another 24 set of tria markers. Too bad I won't be able to play with them all until Christmas. I love organising things!