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Challenge #100 - Diva Dance

So, no Monday Moleskine this week - it was my mum's birthday - we drove up to see her.....and, I kinda forgot.....oops. As we're all full of Christmas love and cheer and frantic preparation around here (I have 24 coming to lunch Christmas Day), I don't see any MM's happening until after New Years.

Onto this weeks Diva Challenge - what a fabulous milestone for Laura to reach 100 challenges, and how cool to have the introduction of the tangle pattern, Diva Dance to celebrate it. Fantastic. I started in on the challenges about half way through this year, and they have been such a wonderful way for me to stretch myself creatively as well as discovering so many talented tanglers. Love it.

Diva Dance. Love, love, love. Can you tell - I loved playing with this pattern. "Anything goes/rock n'roll" is definitely the version I lean towards.

Here's what I came up with:

Wreath: this was the first thing that came to mind as soon as I saw the potential to tangle up the streams of "threads".

Mookaliciousness: It was a little hard for me to stop with this one, I just kept adding and adding until, basically, it was time to head to bed so I had to finish up. Lots of sticky corners to round out spaces in between curls and threads - loved that they just blended in and became part of the pattern.
Feather: I haven't drawn a feather for a while - Diva Dance worked well for this.
Today is my last school session for the year - then 6 weeks off for the summer break - I am so excited, I can barely contain myself! Here's hoping it's a beautiful, hot summer, though, thus far the weather report is saying clearing showers and 22C for Christmas Day (we do our lunch out on our verandah), it's not perfect, but a lot better than the rain and near freezing temperatures we had a couple of years ago and had to stuff many, many people inside our little house.

I hope you and your family have the most wonderful, fun, happy Christmas and New Year.