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busy, busy and shading to create a ball shape

So busy this week - I've had very little time for drawing.

We cut, baled and carted our hay this week. We've had very up and down weather, so we had to get the hay in quickly before the forecasted thunderstorms hit - that meant we picked up the hay in 38degC/100F heat - this was at the end of a day when I had worked in a hot kitchen with 10-12 year olds. I also managed to throw myself head first off the hay trailer down into the hay stack - I lost balance and went down with the bale I was throwing - all was ok, and we got a laugh out of it, though it's not something I'd like to do again!

I've also been busy getting ready for Christmas and counting down to the last few sessions of school term.

A week or so ago I was playing with my new grey markers and drew out the shading transition on some circles. Here it is with a few tips on how to get a round shape.
Due to the wide skinny shape of this image, the writing may be hard to read - here it is just in case:

1-7 done with markers.
      Some tips:
      Keep all edges rounded
      Leave a round highlight area that remains white.
      Start with lightest grey and work up to darkest.
      Blend out each shade of grey into the previous lighter area before applying the next.
      Each new layer will be applied in a smaller area - this is how you will get a graduation
      of colour that will give the circle a round shape.

8.   Shading done with greylead - light layers of greylead applied in gradually smaller areas,
      blending in between layers.