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Zinger Challenge

This weeks diva challenge - Zinger. Cute name! Love that it's all curly and organic and so cute!!!

This is a pattern I used a few times in some of my earlier drawings as a filler - they're in the gallery if you're interested. I had kind of forgotten about it, so it was exciting to revisit and try to make it more of a focal point. Some of the stuff I came up with:

Zinger Daisy: this is my favourite. The Zinger lines are curved in the wrong direction, but I love how it works as a centre for the daisy.

Zinger Gumflower: I haven't drawn a gumflower for a while, and I do love drawing super-sized ones! Unfortunately I sketched this right near the spine on my journal - so the top edge didn't scan correctly, it's cropped and a little dark at the top, but I like the drama of it, anyway. Zingers make perfect little pollen "dots".

Mooka & Daisies: Used in the daisy centres, again, but these ones are going in the right direction. Cute in either direction!

A few fun ones...........supersized - all zinger, all the time.

Some shapes zinger reminded me of:
I definitely have Christmas on my mind, I've been harassing my kids for their Christmas wish lists!! I really want my shopping over and done by December 1 this year.