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Scrolls and spirals

Erin was on camp this week, so I didn't even have to do the school bus drop off/pick up - this meant extra drawing time! Loved it!

Yesterday I played around with a fleur de lys scroll design, lots of shading work on this one to give it nice dimension and roundness. I was definitely over my grey markers by the end of it.

Today I wanted to do something a bit different, so I went to my Pinterest board for a bit of inspiration. Two things jumped out at me - Michele Beauchamp's wonderful Spirals and this fantastic image by Angela Porter that also features spirals - loved the heavy outlining and lines flowing outwards. You can see the influence of both these sources in my drawing.

I started with the spiral on the upper left and grew the design from that point adding whatever fitted into the spaces, trying to maintain flowing curves. I also drew out a box on my page before I started to give myself firm borders.

I really loved trying something different - the technique felt like a cross between the type of stuff I've been doodling and my more graphic designs that include lots of patterns - I really like it, especially the detail work. I will definitely be playing more with this style.

Have a great weekend!