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One more socc

 My husband is at a CFA 4WD course for the whole weekend, so after shopping with my girls this morning (always a traumatic experience - I hate clothes shopping - though I DID get an awesome pair of blue shoes!!), I have a full weekend of drawing planned! Well, that and finishing the 2 books I am in the middle of reading.

I did this one a few days ago for the challenge before being completely distracted by another pattern. Similar type of drawing to my other challenge piece with lots of tendril action.

The socc is more filled in. Morning glories are coloured using same technique as shown in the colouring video that I posted a few days ago, though this time I used a stronger mauve/purple colour scheme - still, I couldn't resist putting in a touch of blue on them to finish them off!

This is how the drawing looks in my journal:

After scanning, I flipped it and couldn't decide which I preferred - probably how it is above, but I also like the morning glories on top. What do you think?