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more spirals and an organisation update

Another spirally design -. I think I'm a little bit addicted. Next time I do one I'll try to remember to take a scan prior to shading - amazing what a difference the shading and heavier linework makes.
The idea to organise my patterns this way came straight from Sandy at Tanglebucket - you can find her post on her blog here - so clever. Love it! I am up to "J" - I tend to go through frenzied stages of drawing the patterns, then take a break for a week or two to do other stuff.

I also began working on 4x6 pattern step out index cards (haven't done many) and don't know whether I'll continue with this idea - too much work, so little time.

Home today - should be able to play with the challenge!


  1. You might enjoy Michele Beauchamp's tangling. She's a big fan of spirals too!

    1. Thanks, Margaret :) I love Shelly's work! I posted about her as a source of inspiration for my first journey into spiral experimentation a few days ago.

      I think I can safely say I am now addicted :)

  2. Thank you Helen, it was neat to see your book. With two open pages facing you, you can see 40 tangles at one time, excellent inspiration. Thank you also for providing the link to your inspiration. Now we know who we can blame for all the work it is now and in the Thank you Sandy at Tanglebucket.

    1. My pleasure, Diana :) I really love this system and am so happy I found it on Sandy's website.

  3. Your spirals are so incredible. Beautiful.

  4. Helen, I cannot say enough about how I am addicted to your tangling - I find great joy just looking and then sitting copying in the hopes that I can get my hand to move with the same fluidity you have - they say practice makes perfect - I'm just hoping for a little tinge of getting close(ish) to perfection! Thank you for sharing this blog!

    I, too, am using the same method to organize my tangle patterns - after wasting reams of paper printing out step-outs and examples of patterns (some of which were really poor quality when printed) I settled on the 2 1/2" square in the coin collection folder. It is working out fabulously! I have decided that I will go back, over time (maybe, perhaps) and do step-outs of the patterns that I cannot easily work out by just looking. However, for the most part, this way of collecting and displaying patterns gives me an instant creative boost.

    Also, as i have made more and more little cards, I need to check periodically to see if I've already made a card. This way, I have a chance to re-look at the collection which helps fix the patterns in my mind. I use circular key ring in the binder holes and this makes it easy to turn the pages.

    The downside of this is that I spend way too much time looking through websites for patterns (Pat Ferguson on Pinterest is terrible - nearly 2000 pins on her Art Tangle Tutes Board!!! she's just a start!) I tend to be obsessive so it can be a problem I have to curtail! However, when I do stop making samples, I tangle!

    I love it.

    1. Hi Jakki :) Thankyou!

      I think this system (small coin cards) is the best one for me. I love so many things about it. The cards are usually enough for me to figure out how to replicate the majority of tangles, especially as I am becoming more familiar with drawing them.

      I love looking through my book, very inspiring - if I'm doing something with lots of patterns like this one, I use it a lot.

      I am trying to curb my obsessive need to collect every pattern (I like things in sets.........complete sets. lol!) - otherwise I'd spend all my time just drawing out the patterns :)


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