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Monday Moleskine 5

At the half way point.

I have been so consumed with drawing another detailed spiral drawing that I almost didn't get this ready - not to mention that John was hogging the computer so I couldn't get on at a reasonable time.

Anyway, here is this weeks Monday Moleskine.

This one started with the 2 lines down the centre - I probably thought I'd draw on both sides of the lines but this is how it turned out. I think I've cropped a little off the top LHS when scanning, too, as the line isn't really running downhill on the drawing.

Looking forward to the challenge tomorrow, and finishing up my spiral drawing :)


  1. helen - what is monday moleskine? is this something you are doing for yourself? (as if i'm not far enough behind on my challenges i already do :))

    and i wanted to tell you that i am teaching a group of homeschool students the art of zentangle. i have set up a facebook page for them called Treasured Tangles where we are posting artwork. i try to post a couple patterns each day so the kids will have something new to work with. today (based on a comment you made in response to someone asking if they could share your patterns) i posted 2 of your patterns for them to work on: morning glories and petal ribbon. thanks for making your patterns available to us!

    1. Hi Alice :) Monday Moleskine is just a challenge I set myself to try and develop some competency in random doodling :) - check out the first one (in the blog archive under October) for a bit of an outline if you'd like. I have decided to work through till I've done 10 of them - though I am enjoying the journey, I think by then I'll be well over it!

      Yes and you're welcome. Happy for you to use the patterns - that's what they're there for :) What a great way to teach zentangle to your homeschool students!


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