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Monday Moleskine 4

I was not in the mood to draw anything significant this weekend, so I indulged in the mindless pursuit of getting through my patterned tiles -  and made it all the way through to the h's. My little book is looking quite full and I am finding myself stroking it lovingly at odd times, because, you know, uniformly presented, alphabetically organised things just make me happy, happy :)

Monday Moleskines: because I felt in the mood to draw one of these today (and also, maybe I'm a little afraid that Mrs Wibbs will spank me if I don't. LOL.), I have decided to continue these till I reach the predetermined *magic* number of 10.

I think that's all I've got in me before boring myself silly as I seem to be compelled to doodle flowers and paisley shapes all the time!

So, here it is, a nice simple one :) Maybe next week I'll try to start off with a box shape instead of a curved one to see if that alters the direction of the drawing.

Challenge day tomorrow - love that. Hope you weekend was great!


  1. Could you show us a page of your patterns book.

  2. Too right I'd spank you.

    This is lovely! When you get to 10 we'll have to have words again.


  3. WOW this is gorgeous BRAVO and a million thanks for sharing.....I am a newbie to this art
    Joy in OZ (Hastings)


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