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Lillies & mooka foliage

A quick post today - I have my tria marker order to unpack - so excited!- finally my grey markers have arrived (the first order didn't get processed for some reason and I have been desperate for my light grey marker to arrive!)

I did this drawing on the weekend. Love using mooka as a basis to create foliage around my bulb-like flowers. It flows so perfectly.

Just replace some of the mooka scrolls with the pointy leaves, add in a centre vein. I love them.
Have a great weekend!


  1. Love how you take something so basic and make it look so great. Am going to have to watch your color video. Not sure how it would work on ceramic tiles but working on some trivets and thing that some of this would be so cool.

    1. Thanks, Donald. I think the markers I use work on any surface, but as it's different from paper it would be interesting to see how the same technique worked.

  2. Lovely, lovely. lovely. So subtle and elegant.

  3. Your drawings are simple and dramatic at the same time, I just love your artwork!


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