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Light grey markers are back in the house!

Okay, well, I did get my delivery of grey markers last week, but hadn't used them until today. So good to have light grey markers again! I actually bought a 12 box set, so now I have 3 sets of graduating greys in warm, neutral and cool. Sooooo soooo happy.

I had a great afternoon drawing........I managed to catch up on patterns, as well as get through some pattern tiles for my organisation system - I am almost done with "B". It's a slow process, especially as I stop drawing once I get to one I just don't feel like doing - usually the patterns requiring lots of blocking/colouring in.

I also broke out a new journal and so far I am loving it - it ticks all the boxes for me - 125gsm, smooth paper, bound, hard cover, able to blend markers and erase without it disintegrating and it was under $10.00. Win!

I came across a page with some filagree and scroll sketches in one of my old journals, the scrolls remind me of the type of freeform designs that quilters do so they probably inspired the original sketch. Plenty of light grey marker action, too!

Daisies & scrolls:
Filagree feather:
Very happy with my day :)