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granny's bonnets

We are heading into a long weekend for the Melbourne Cup - it is on Tuesday, but many people take the Monday off, too. Erin school has the day off, John is taking leave on Monday, and I don't have to be back at school again until Thursday. A whole week off for me! I am looking forward to getting a heap of drawing done.

I haven't drawn a flower portrait for a while (maybe a week - I don't know how I made it!!), and have been inspired by the columbines/granny's bonnets/aquilegia that are in full bloom in my garden right now - I love them - so prolific, they just self seed and look amazing. Such a unique flower.


  1. Oh Helen, this is gorgeous. We just returned from Colorado, where this is the state flower. I brought some seeds back as a gift for my son. We have all left Colorado, but we all still love the "Colorado Columbine". You really portray it beautifully here.

  2. You do flowers so beautifully--I love Columbine and this is a gorgeous representation!

  3. Thanks, Dawn and Susan. It's such a great flower. *love it*. I've changed this pic a bit since first posting and am now much happier with the finished result.

  4. Beautiful! And your changes -nice!


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