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challenge #97 - no strings attached

This weeks challenge was to create a zentangle/zia without using a string. Love it!

Although I very rarely use strings as such, I often draw a couple of directional lines on my blank page to get me going. So, for this challenge, I put the pencil and eraser in a safe and threw away the key so they couldn't weave their wicked wiles and tempt me to use them. Oh, and, when I say safe.........I really mean the box on my desk. lol.

My drawing will not surprise you.... I went naturalistic.........there's leaves, feather, mooka :)

I started with the front leaf and layered back from there, throwing in a mooka scroll at different intervals to give it a more woven effect.

It was fun working without my safety net of a few pencilled lines, and though the balance feels a little out to me, I still like it. I also got to use a couple new colours from my latest tria marker delivery :) The top scroll is not shaded - though I love a bound journal, I have to remember not to draw so close to the spine! Scanning is a bit of a hassle.