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Bloom - VIDEO

So, it's not morning, but, finally! after a super-busy day, I have the video for the Bloom pattern posted.

Includes the basic how-to, then onto some other stuff including steps on how to "randomise" the pattern. My hand is a bit in the way at the start, but that doesn't last :) I may also sound like I've been possessed by Darth-Vader for a few seconds at one point - not sure what happened there, unless I really was possessed by Darth-Vader..........hmmmmm.

You can read more about the pattern and find the step-out and some variations here

Have a great night!



  1. thank you! This was a super video and I know what I will be playing with today.

  2. Thanks so much for doing this. My wireless connection is acting wonky (I'm on the big island of Hawaii at the moment)!, but I'm so grateful whenever you post a video. It helps me a great deal. Wish I had your steady hands. You're so good. Keep going. I love the inspiration.

  3. Another great video! I love how you give us suggestions on how to play with these patterns so we're not always stuck in the same old box...The randomizing is brilliant--never would've thought of that!!

  4. Thanks Helen for sharing this video, it is great to see how a Pro does it. I absolutely love your work!!! Hugs, Sheila

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    1. Thanks so much for the lovely compliment, Judy, but I'm sorry I don't participate in these awards.


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