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Bloom: Pattern

Firstly, I think my previous post may have been a bit confusing (sorry!!) - we'll blame it on the fact that I typed it up last minute before I went to bed last night. I'm not planning to stop drawing - just my Monday Moleskine doodles - I've been taking a different approach to these and think that I prefer the more structured approach I use for my other drawings  :)

So, onto the fun stuff..............I loved the recent challenge using Socc - when I first came in contact with this pattern a few months ago I loved it, but hadn't had a chance to really play with it - so the opportunity to experiment.............wonderful!

I really enjoyed the challenge drawings that I did using Socc, but I wanted to create some flowers (what a surprise, huh?) with the pattern and couldn't really make it work how I was imagining it.

I wanted 6 petal daisy-type flowers. I tried a few different appraoches, and ultimately found that I needed to create a different type of grid framework and then work out from there using the aura-ing technique familiar to socc, puf, etc.

So, here is the end result - Bloom. I really love it.
You can stop at any stage - here are some examples:
What I also found along the way was that even though I had focussed on the 6 petal flowers, a 3 petal flower was also created using this grid, so if you want to make the flowers stand out, you have a choice!

Here's a sample where I've used colour to highlight the 3 petals - this sample also uses a "randomising" zig-zag technique (see video for demo/explanation of this). My scanner would not scan this clearly even though I did it a couple of times - the colour/lines must have confused it!

Another "randomised" sample  - I love experimenting with structured patterns to see how they can be distorted - this one uses a dot technique (again see video for demo/explanation of this)

Last one - for this I drew the centre line, then added crosses along it in different sizes to create the framework for the flowers - they turned out a little stumpy, lol, but I like the idea and will play with it a bit more.

I was going to include the video demo for Bloom in this post, but it is taking ages to upload to You Tube and I want to go to bed, so I will post it in the morning. Hope you enjoy it :)