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twirl trumpet & pattern

A quick one tonight - I can't believe it's midnight and I am still playing around when I have a book I want to finish before I go to sleep!

I was playing around with this pattern "twirl" a week or so ago, but didn't have a drawing to show it in action. Tonight I finally got around to it- here's my twirl trumpet.

the pattern: initially I drew a single one of these freehand (looks cute as a flower) and thought it would probably convert well to a continuous pattern - I found the dots the easiest for a workable pattern, though if you don't object to drawing pencil lines, you could sketch a pencil grid. It can be drawn freehand depending on how regular you want it to look. Click on the image to see more detail - take note of the "missing" dot in each pattern section:
a closer look: love how this flows

 some fill ideas: