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some kisses

Disaster has struck! My blender pens have not arrived yet (I use these to create blended effects like this on my morning glories. Hopefully Monday. favourite light grey promarker has almost run out and it will take about a week for another to arrive! My visit to the  letraset site was dangerous - boxes of tria markers were on sale and I ended up buying the 12 set of grey tones. Can't wait for them to arrive. I haven't tried them before and they are meant to blend beautifully.

When I was scribbling away in my journal yesterday, I started stacking these fat curly bracket shapes and the drawing soon became a ?blade? of wheat.  (I googled it and cannot find a term for the seed head and stem. Anyone?) My 02 micron has become really scratchy - ideal for the feathery strokes on the wheat.
Since the individual shapes remind me of hershey kisses, or chocolate buds, I have dubbed them "kisses".  I love the idea of drawing something and thinking "I'm going to add some kisses to this!" Way, waaay cuter than saying "I'm going to add some fat, curly brackets!"

I love the flowing action of drawing these shapes (straight lines are not really my friend - I always lose focus and wobble), it's quite a diverse pattern once I started playing around with more ideas.

I love the little butterflies - the small ones are done by working up to step 2. The large one has another "kiss" added onto each side. The pattern makes a good braid when you stack single kisses, too.

If you click on the images below you should get a larger picture and hopefully be able to read the writing on the 2nd one - let me know if you have any problems with it :)

Bring on the weekend!


  1. Lovely - what a wonderful way to start the morning finding this delightful post - love the name kisses

  2. Another fantastic tangle for me to try! It really does look like a ear of wheat...

  3. Thanks Helen, all your gorgeous whispy kisses are floating all around the world..such fun!

  4. "ear" of wheat..Is what you say...Apparently! Love this latest one, I'm not great at feathers but will persevere in the hope that one day they will look remotely as gorgeous as yours!

  5. Thanks, all :) Also, for the help on the correct term for an "ear of wheat"! I may never need to use it again, but at least I know now :)

  6. I think this is a great looking tangle. I did not know it was called an "ear of wheat" but that is what I immediately thought of when I saw it. Really like the things you come up with.


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