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I am so disappointed - yesterday I put together a video demonstrating Twirl and by the time I had edited it and got it on to the blog the details were not clear enough so I had to delete. So frustrating as it had looked o.k. on the computer when it was converted to a movie, but once it was uploaded - terrible!  I really need to figure out why my DV camera isn't talking to the computer so I can use that instead.

Anyway, I have a few drawings that I've done over the past few weeks that haven't really fitted in with anything I was posting. They've just been waiting for their moment.

Tulips - this drawing came about when I was trying to find a use for the pattern on the LHS leaf, I don't love the pattern, but DO love the tulips :) I want to draw more of them very soon!

Knyt beads: drew this right after the knyt post a few weeks ago, it's along similar lines to the theme I had going then.  I had  such good intentions of playing around more with knyt, but I have a short attention span and something shiny and colourful distracted me :) I have no doubt I will be using knyt again soon, though - it is one of my absolute faves. Love it.

Inspiration for this drawing came from this bracelet I pinned a few weeks ago. I'd like to try it again with the pattern tighter and more threads/beads criss-crossing everywhere!

A bit of daisy play. Don't you hate it when you colour something in and you go outside the lines so you have to make it a bit bigger - then you have to make another section bigger so it doesn't look out of proportion? It just keeps getting fatter.........and fatter! This happened with the funnel spiral on this drawing - so not so happy with this one.....but........pretty daisies. I can never stay mad at them.