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poppies & leaflet pattern

The kids and I made it through our volunteer event last week - cooking for 45 people! Fortunately we had 2 helpers (including my son) which made a huge difference and kept my stress levels just under the highly dangerous zone! We got rave reviews, and all I can say is I'm glad it's over and I can concentrate on drawing.

This weekend I finally got around to drawing out a pattern inspired by what looks like a wood carving (though it looks to perfect to be hand-carved). I've had it pinterest board for a while - the actual pin is a dead link, but you can see the image from my board here - I love it, such beautiful flow from one section to the next - I couldn't get quite that look, maybe with more practice :) I have dubbed the pattern "leaflet".

More poppies! Leaflet pattern on the tube. Love how shading really brings this pattern to life.
The pattern step out: I found it a really forgiving pattern - it didn't matter if my curves lined up exactly at the start, or if some of my s strokes were a bit off (my concentration has a tendency to wander!) Click the image for larger view.

You can find a video with wavy line variation here

Some easy variations such as a double curved or centre lines, leaving one side pattern free, comma shaped fill. Lots of shading options, also. These are just a couple of ideas. 
Contours nicely, too :)