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leaflet - video & variation

When I was playing around making a video demo for leaflet yesterday, I experimented with a different approach to drawing it. Here's the result:
I really love it. So flowy and organic.

The video runs through how to do the basic pattern, some shading options, and shows the alternative way to draw as above. It does run for a bit over 8 minutes, though you won't have to listen to my voice the whole time (a fate worse than death if my husband is to be believed!!!), as I have sped up some sections. Love to know what you think!

I had one more drawing in progress for the challenge  when I posted yesteday. I had sketched out a sun with straight lines for the sunbeams that I wanted to draw when I found this gorgeous drawing by Melissa Johnson on my pinterest zentangle board - I knew then that I had to add some flowing sunbeams too!

It was also a good excuse to colour using sunset tones - and give my orange promarkers a workout -  orange is a colour I don't really use a lot. I love it, I just can't use it!

I have kept the straight beams in a single pattern and colour - this woodgrain pattern is one that I used to draw quite a bit years ago - very basic, but I have stepped it out as it might be useful for some. It's a pattern that will turn out differently every time.