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feather flowers and shading woes

A busy weekend. Not only did I go on a field trip to buy a 300+kg bag of pig feed, John and I got out in the veggie garden and put up our new raised garden bed this morning. I was so glad to get back inside to my nice, warm wood heater and my pjs. Luckily John is back at work tomorrow and not able to distract me with moving cows, building garden beds, having coffees and spending time together :)

I've tracked down a "follow" button that wasn't the bulky, default one offered in blogger gadgets and it's now sitting proudly right column above the Pinterest button - I'd love, love it if you want to keep up to date with what I'm doing. I have plans..........oh so many (evil) plans........unfortunately probably not enough time implement them all, so I may have to cross "take over the world"  off the list. (Just having a bit of a Pinky and The Brain flashback here! My kids - yes, ok, and me, too - loved that show!).

So, I did get some time to draw this weekend. Have you seen flowers made out of feathers? Some are just so ethereally beautiful . I love them. 'Cos they're feathers .....and flowers. How could I not? I thought I would have a go at drawing some. Just a bit of very light colouring on this one. I almost left it B&W, but couldn't resist adding just a little.

I started this scroll/cone design last night. I didn't have any definite ideas I what I wanted to draw, so just loosely sketched out the 3 large curls and 2 cones as a framework and went from there drawing whatever with no end result in mind. I did the shading today, but as my favourite no.1 cool grey marker has run out of ink - I had to resort to using my no.1 warm grey instead, and it's just not right, the colour is more intense. Unhappy! My blender pen also smudged the black ink on the bottom curl which meant a bit of repair work and it has ended up darker than I wanted. Ah, well. I need to remember to lay some of the marker shading on the large items before I put in the detail pen work, but of course, this only occurs to me once I have done the detail pen work! LOL.

I have started working on my 2" pattern squares in anticipation of my page protectors arriving in the next week or so (hope they fit!!!!) - I am done with the a's and onto the b's. After reading through some of the other ideas at tangle patterns, I am also rather enamoured by the 4x6 index card system idea. I may eventually create one of these too in order to record the steps - I have the step-outs currently in the book in the pic below.

Hope you had a fabulous weekend!


  1. Your work is just beautiful. I am a newbie at all of this but I love relaxing and the end results are beautiful and unique.

    1. Thanks, Danielle :) It is great fun, I love it!

  2. I love looking out for your next piece of work Helen. It is really pleasing to look at. Did you punch out two inch squares or did you buy them. Your little ones are so neat.

    1. Hi Chrissie. Thankyou! I cut the 2" squares with my fiskars trimmer and then rounded off the corners with a punch. I wish I had a 2" punch, but am making do with what I have :)


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